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important information

  • Tuesday, May 26th - Virtual tryout material posted on WFHS Cheer website and Facebook page
  • Monday, June 8th - Teleconference Call to verify weekly activities
    • Dial 251-225-6833 at 5:30pm (15 minute update)
  • Tuesday, June 9th - In-person Clinic at WFHS - Meet in Practice Gym (tentative date)
    • Freshman: 4-5pm
    • Sophomores: 5-6pm
    • Juniors: 6-7pm
    • Seniors: 7-8pm
  • Thursday, June 11th - Small group tryouts (tentative date) - Meet in Large Gym
    • Freshman: Arrive at 4pm, Tryouts at 5pm
    • Sophomores: Arrive at 5pm, Tryouts at 6pm
    • Juniors: Arrive at 6pm, Tryouts at 7pm
    • Seniors: Arrive at 7pm, Tryouts at 8pm
    • Teams will be announced on Facebook & Website by midnight
  • Friday, June 12th - Mandatory Athlete and Parent Meeting at WFHS 5-8pm (tentative date)
    • Only one parent can attend with athlete to minimize overall group size and maintain social distancing.
    • Athletes must wear sports bra and Nike pro style shorts (uniform fittings).
    • If you are a returning cheerleader, bring ALL WFHS cheer items with you (uniforms, accessories, etc.).
    • $500 Deposit Due & Fundraisers will be distributed to offset future expenses


Virtual Tryout Information

Virtual Tryout Clinic Material


Front & Back - 

Words: You've got to get up and get 'em

Jags, Jags, You've got to get up and get 'em!

(Repeat three times, but do NOT turn around - that's only for learning the motions)



Front -

Back -

Teach -

Words: Red & Black

Jaguars, Jaguars, Let's get Loud, Name the team that makes you proud, We are West Florida

Jaguars, Jaguars, Let's get Loud, Yell the colors that make you proud, Red & Black

We are West Florida, Red & Black



Front -

Back -

Teach -

Music -


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