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Academy of Information Technology

About this academy . . .

pawprintAcademy of Information Technology (AOIT): This program is the only true computer-programming academy in the district. The course is taught using the Java programming language as the foundation.  Instruction begins with programming foundations using CompuScholar, an online, step-by-step Computer Science curriculum. In addition to both procedural and object-oriented programming, and database management in Java, students will learn to program applications for Androids and be introduced to other software, including gaming in Unity, Solar System Simulation, and other various on-line resources. 

During the senior year, students also have the opportunity to partner with a local business in order to develop real-world software application.  Training encompasses research, textbooks, verbal and visual training, and skill development through hands-on activities.


2020-2021: Academy Instructors

Ms. Massey 

Mr. Richardson

Industry Certification

MTA Developer - Software Development

Academy Curriculum

9th Grade -- Foundations in Programming

10th Grade -- Procedural Programming

11th Grade -- Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals

12th Grade -- Java Database Programming