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Criminal Justice Operations Academy

pawprintCriminal Justice Operations: This program focuses on the elements of the criminal justice system:  law enforcement, courts, corrections and private security.

The students will be introduced to academic and practical applications of police operations and procedures, investigations and forensic science, legal systems, and trial procedures. 

The program includes a combination of academic studies, research projects and hands-on skill development.  The student organization for the Criminal Justice Program is the Florida Public Service Association.

Course Progression:

Freshman: CJ Ops I is designed as an introduction to the American criminal justice system. The three main components: law enforcement, the courts, and corrections are explored. Students are introduced to career opportunity assessments and opportunities, employability skills, and the development of basic interpersonal and communication skills directly relating to the criminal justice field.

Sophomore: CJ Ops IIbuilds upon the learning competencies of CJ Ops I and introduces the student to the various academic and practical skills required of a law enforcement officer. The course examines and identities the essential elements related to the management, administration, and operation of a law enforcement agency.

Junior/Senior: CJ Ops III & IVThese courses introduce the students to the specialized practical skills within the criminal justice system related to crime prevention, investigations, forensic science, crime scene investigation, gangs and terrorist organizations, as well as the management and administration of today’s criminal justice agencies.


2021-2021: Academy Instructor

Mr. Marshall Gilreath