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Energy Academy

Gulf Power Academy:

Students in the Gulf Power Academy will be exposed to the energy industry structure, processes, and terminology. In addition, students will gain a solid understanding of industrial electricity. The Gulf Power Academy will provide students an excellent foundation for a variety of careers in the energy industry as well as in the construction trades industry, including entry-level occupations available after high school and those that require post-secondary education. 

The Gulf Power Academy provides a solid foundation for post-secondary success in electronics and engineering.  Students are encouraged to participate in the WFHS student chapter of Skills USA, BEST Robotics Program, and the Sea Perch Program. 

Students who are successful in the Gulf Power Academy will graduate with their certificate of completion, two national credentials (Energy Industry Fundamentals credential and an NCCER Electrical credential), college credit, and will be test-qualified for entry-level work in the energy industry.

Program of study


9th CEWD Energy Industry Fundamentals 
The course develops competencies in the areas of energy history and the global impact of renewable and non-renewable resources; career opportunities; scientific and research concepts; biological and physical science principles; environmental principles; and solar energy safety. 

10th NCCER Core Curriculum:  Introductory Craft Skills
Builds the foundation skills required in the construction industry. 

11th NCCER Alternative Energy
Identifies the need for alternative energy development.  Describes the contributions and potential of individual alternative energy sources.

12th NCCER Electrical Level One
Provides an overview of the electrical trade and discusses the career paths available

2022-2023: Academy Instructor

Mr. Drew Dittmar