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Bright Futures Scholarship information


Have you signed up for Bright Futures Scholarship yet?

The first evaluation will be at the end of January. Be sure you have applied and submitted your volunteer hours to Mrs. Torres in the Guidance office.  Students who qualify in the first evaluation will be recognized at the Senior Honor Program.  The second evaluation takes place at the end of the school year.

Choose state grants & scholarships. Choose Student Applications.

Bright Futures Scholarship--Online Instructions (Word)

Bright Futures Scholarship--Online Instructions (pdf)

Scholarship List

The Scholarship List was compiled to assist students in finding scholarships ON THEIR OWN. Be mindful of requirements and deadlines. Many scholarships listed are scholarships that WFHS students may have received in the past.

Individual schools often have their own scholarships that you may apply to once a student is accepted at their institution. Please be sure to apply to those and watch the cutoff dates to those as well.

The guidance office often receives scholarship information as well. This info is posted in the Senior Google Classroom as received. You may click on the 'scholarship tab' in the google classroom to see just those posts. Parents can access the google classroom as well but they will need access via their child.

The list will be posted soon.  In the meantime, see the Google Classroom for news about scholarships or contact Ms. Torres.