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Scholarships for military connected students (link attachment here) (Free tutoring all ages)

Military One Source

Military Kids Connect

Military Child Education Coalition

Scholarships for Florida Students

Fleet and Family Support Center

Navy MWR Pensacola

School Liaison Office Pensacola


Click on the link below to see a information about scholarships for Military-Connected Students.

Military Families

Purple Star
Military Families

Mental health for military students

At West Florida High School, we recognize that there are many demands on our military student population that may exhaust their ability to cope. Frequent moves, grief/loss, losing/making friends, separation from loved ones, etc…All of these challenges impact mental health. Students at West Florida understand that they are never alone in those challenges. We have several resources available to support our military and civilian students alike. 

To learn more about military kids and mental health, please visit: the U.S. Department of Defense 


MFLC: Military & Family Life Counseling offers solution-focused, non-medical, confidential support to all of our military students by a licensed provider. If a mental health need is identified, our MFLC will work with you and your family to help identify resources that can assist. Our program recognizes the need for privacy and counselors do not maintain any records. 

Mental Health Counseling (on campus): Students requesting mental health counseling from a licensed provider can do so through our Guidance Department. More information can be found here:  Escambia Country Public Schools:  Mental Health Services 

Fleet & Family NAS Pensacola

Exceptional student education

Escambia County School District offers a variety of services to best meet the needs of students with exceptionalities. Those interested can learn more on the district website: 
Escambia County Public Schools:  ESE Department   

West Florida High School does offer Exceptional Student Education. To find out more information, please contact Ursula Gaines, (850)876-7639, or 

Military Families who have students with disabilities may also qualify for the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) 

Military & Family LIfe Counseling 

ABOUT Military & Family LIfe Counseling (MFLC) Program

West Florida High School is pleased to offer this additional support to all of our military-connected students. Our Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) supports military families through the unique challenges of military life by providing non-medical, short-term counseling. Our MFLC has helped students with a variety of challenges including school adjustment, deployment and separation, academics, communication, behavioral concerns, and stress management. Non-medical counseling sessions are free and confidential.


A student is eligible for MFLC services if they or a parent, caregiver, and/or close sibling falls into one of the following categories:

  • Active Duty Service Members 

  • Reservists and/or Guard members 

  • Recently retired service members (within 180 days)

  • Honorably discharged service members (up to 180 days)

  • Wounded Warrior and/or Seriously Ill & Injured program members

  • DOD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce

  • Military Academy Cadets

What is the counselor’s role in the school?

MFLCs provide consultation, training, and educational presentations/workshops to program faculty, staff, parents, and children. MFLC support augments services already in place at each school. Counselors take part in everyday school activities and events.

They are available to support in areas related to deployment and reintegration, family dynamics, positive coping mechanisms, staff support and education, parent education and stress reduction. Counselors are also available to facilitate groups and trainings to build leadership skills, manage anger, build self-esteem and confidence and strengthen communication.

 How are counselors selected?

Counselors are selected for their demonstrated expertise and training and are under the management of the office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy. Counselors hold a master’s or doctoral degree, are independently licensed, and have experience working with children and youth. Counselors go through rigorous background checks before being placed in schools.

 Why are the counselors in certain schools and not others?

Schools were selected by the Service Branch to receive MFLCs based on the number of military-connected students attending each school. Military families who have students in schools without counselors can typically receive the same support through the installation’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department, Fleet and Family Services, or the A&FRC. 

 Do counselors keep records about students and families?

No. Services provided by counselors are private and confidential with the exception of mandatory federal and military reporting requirements (i.e., child abuse, domestic violence and other life-threatening situations). No counseling records are maintained.


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(850) 417-4757 

Military Families


Disclaimer:  The School District of Escambia County and West Florida High School's Administration and Web Manager are not responsible for any advertisements, graphics, or links to businesses or organizations outside of the district.

Military Families

Transition Peer Program

West Florida is in the process of obtaining a Student 2 Student (S2S) Program on campus. Established in 2004, Student 2 Student® (S2S™) is a student program that brings military and civilian students together to welcome new students, create a positive environment, support academic excellence, and ease transitions.

Club Sponsor: TBD

Meetings: TBD

How to get involved?
Students who are interested can contact our MFLC at (850)417-4757 or

military recognition events

West Florida High School is proud to recognize our faculty, staff, and community who have served or currently serve our country. Each year, we plan a variety of events to honor our military. Check back for a list of current events. Past events have included:

  • Military Appreciation Night at a home football game

  • Purple Up! Month of the Military Child presentation and celebrations

  • Valentine’s for Vets

  • Veteran’s Day Celebrations

  • Mess Hall Mondays

  • Recognition at graduation

parent acknowledgement & consent letter


military & family life counseling brochure